Cloud Service to output printed matter based on web technology

This cloud service enables everyone to easily layout and input data for paged media like catalog, manual and booklet. It also helps to realize one-source multiusing and utilize HTML/CSS technology for both web and printed material.


Easy to use

The special expertize and special application should have been needed for printed material production. Publica enables you to easily input contents by easy-to-use user interface and rich design assist functions.

High quality design

Publica provides lots of templates like catalog, manual, booklet, article, journal, direct mail and leaflet. You can choose the template and design easy-to-read documents quite fast.


Publica provides collaboration functions to support team work with editor, designer, sales, manager and customer. Just use web browser to share documents, approval process and proofreading.


For Contents Editor

  1. 1Easy-to-input without special expertise
  2. 2Design assist function for printed matter
  3. 3Variety of design templates
  4. 4Robust customization
  5. 5Data management and version management

For Management

  1. 1On-line proofreading
  2. 2Approval process
  3. 3Easy-to-modify without special expertise
  4. 4Team management
  5. 5Connection APIs


Name Publica, Inc.
Address Fleming House 2F, 2-6-10, Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President Munehisa Ito
Company overview Web service, software development and consulting for layout, design and edit


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